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Introduction and overview

Welcome to the operational problem-solving website of Huccaby Deutschland GmbH. It addresses selected change management topics and lessons learnt to date. It also explains our latest tool to support our client trainings and roll outs, the TestButler, which brings knowledge tests straight to the front line. Browse at your leisure and contact us if you have comments or questions. Here is an overview of what you will find:

The first three links refer to the current focus of our work: Governance, as laid down in various international standards, such as ISO, CMMI & ITIL, and the Implementation of such standards, having managed such programs from scratch to successful certification in the past. It is followed by a section on Complexity Reduction, one of the key success factors in project design and one of the most underestimated potentials for cost reduction.

The next four links refer to other operational areas of competence by Huccaby Deutschland GmbH: First, Strategic Project Management. This section outlines the different phases of the project management process and the issues that drive their success, including Big Deal Management, Project Quality Management, & Transition Management. Second, Business Crisis Management reflects on the challenges restructuring and change-management. Apart from offering some points of view on what is at stake, it discusses how you can spot candidates heading for trouble, and what lessons can be learnt from companies that got hit. Third, the issue of Demand Chain Performance is of far reaching consequences for most companies and much discussed in the literature and consulting circles - but in practice it is notable for a lack of progress and frequent repetitions of predictable mistakes. Find out what can be done and what the barriers to change are in that link. Finally, fourth, after sales Service Delivery is a key factor driving product and corporate loyalty, but often at the fringe of marketing- and sales-driven organizations. Find out how the challenge can be tackled and how to steer the stakeholders through the change process by clicking that link.

Enjoy. You will understand that we can not publish company confidential facts and figures and please don't quote anything without explicit permission.

Huccaby: "simplify & comply"

We believe that operational change is about compliance of the front line. Too often, fancy reports or lengthy documents get distributed to the organization via email with the instruction to "implement and observe". The disconnect between the needs of the people working directly for the client and those designing the change is blatant. Accordingly, little happens and major pockets of non-compliance remain. 

We are a network of specialists operating in the web 2.0 environment with shared professional standards and values. Thanks to Basecamp, Skype and a number of useful iPhone Apps, we can be effective wherever we are needed. We always begin with the "Back 2 Basics" simplification approach, boiling down the essence of the required change and future mode of operation to meet the needs and realities of the front line. Change gets developed by the operational experts for their own colleagues based on international best practice standards and a consultative system of "Communities and Councils" within the client. Deployment of changes is done in overlapping waves via the "Sprint" methodology, while compliance is safeguarded by management and by independent reviews. We have recently developed an application, the TestButler, to support the roll out and ensure compliance of the front line. It takes time and perseverance to create compliance and it takes courage to engage in continuous improvement. Compared to the costs and image loss that non-compliance can impose, the investment is of lasting value and well worth the effort.

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